Privacy Policy

We are happy to see how our customers visit our casino and enjoy their favorite hobby here. And if you are now in that section of our site, you are not indifferent to how our site works and what system operates here. That is commendable because we can explain to you everything that interests you. We have our terms and conditions that help maintain order on the site and allow our customers to freely and without difficulty use our services. What information would you like to know? Our site will always help you with that to study any topic in more detail. For example, here you can find such topics:

  • Hyperlinking to Our Content;
  • Reservation of Rights;
  • Removal of Links from Our Website;
  • Disclaimer;
  • Cookies.

We automatically assume that you agree with our rules and requirements when visiting our site. We ask you to take our rules seriously and read them carefully.

Hyperlinking to Our Content

We do not grant permission to link to our site without prior written permission. However, we make an exception for some organizations. For example, government agencies, news organizations, and search engines may link to our site without our written permission. These organizations have every right to link to information from our site, subject to that link not mislead customers and visitors to the site and matches the context of the linking party's site.

If you are one of the organizations that we allow to post links on our site and you would like to do that, you need to contact us. It is always possible to send us an email to our gambling house. In that case, you should provide:

  • Your name and company name;
  • Contact information;
  • A list of URLs where you intend to link to our site.

That is a necessary condition; otherwise, posting the link will be impossible.

Reservation of Rights

The gambling hub reserves the right to ask you to remove the link to our site from any source where it is. It will depend on the goal that we need to achieve. We may ask you to remove all links or one specific link. We also have the right to change and update these terms and conditions. If you link to our website regularly, you agree to be bound by all of our terms and conditions. The new rules will take effect immediately after new information appears. You must check that section periodically for updates to avoid missing significant changes that can harm our understanding.

Removal of Links from Our Website

Our site does not support any violation of etiquette or the manifestation of disrespectful behavior towards anyone. We do our best to counter such violations. If you find a link on our website that contains offensive content, we will ask you to report it to us to take action against it immediately. We will consider your request to remove that link and take all necessary measures. However, we have no obligation to answer you directly to your request in such a situation. Nevertheless, we will not ignore your request and give it due attention.

We do not guarantee that all information on our website is complete or accurate. The website also does not guarantee that our site will be available to you or contain up-to-date data.


Our gambling house excludes all warranties, conditions, and representations relating to our site to the extent that the law allows it. However, we do not exclude or limit our joint liability with you for personal injury or death, fraud, or violation of the law. We also cannot limit your obligations unless it has permission by law. The limitations and prohibitions govern all liabilities arising from the disclaimer of responsibility, including responsibility under contract and breach of duty under the law.

We are also not responsible for any losses on our site, for example, as a result of investing money. Our customers are fully responsible for all damages they may incur on our website.


Our site uses cookies to help us serve our customers. If you visit our website, you agree that our website uses cookies. That helps us quickly understand your preferences, which allows us to offer you something that will be of interest to you. That will help you quickly adjust to the site and quickly get rid of those services and promotional offers.

Almost all interactive sites use cookies to get information about their clients every time they visit the site. Some of our advertising partners also use it. We will offer you services and information following your interests that you demonstrate on our website. Information about your interests, visits, and services you use will be available to us within the limits of the rules.