Terms of Use

Welcome to our gambling hub! Our site is constantly trying to empower our customers and provide them with more services that could entertain them. We also carefully maintain the order in our casino and do everything necessary to ensure that you remain safe when you decide to visit our site. Of course, there are rules that you and we must adhere to because, without rules, there will be no order. If you are in that section of our site, you understand all the importance and intend to learn more about the rules. In that case, we open access to all possible information that can help you learn more about it. We will try to explain to you what your duties are and what actions we prevent on our site. Here we will cover topics such as:

  • Conditions for Creating an Account;
  • The Basic Rights and Obligations;
  • Restricted Areas;
  • Denial of responsibility;
  • Changes in Conditions.

Studying these topics will help you avoid possible errors when using the site and familiarize yourself with your responsibilities. We ask you to be careful while reading these terms of use not to miss anything important.

Conditions for Creating an Account

Before registering in our online casino, you must agree that we will store and process all the information you provide during registration on our website. We need to collect information from you, such as name, date of birth, residential address, email, phone number, etc. We ensure that you do not pose a danger to both the site and other players by storing your data. It will also help us keep in touch with you and inform you about services and promotions that may interest you.

We also need to make sure that you are a person of legal age, as our site does not provide services to clients under 21 years old. Providing such services to minors is against the law, so we have every right to ask for proof of your age to provide you with a full range of our services. If you are a person of minor age, we will have no choice but to ask you to leave our site. Persons under age do not have the right to create a personal account in our gambling hub and thereby disobey the law.

The Basic Rights and Obligations

Our customers have every right to request access to our website's information we store and process. Such information is confidential and only those to whom that information belongs, as well as our employees who store and process this information, have access to it. Our clients have no right to request access to the data of other clients and players, as they are confidential. We can only open access to another client's data if it has a legal basis. The casino operator can give you access to your data and only your data. The site cannot provide you with access to some of your data unless federal law allows it. The gambling house establishes the list of data access you can obtain and the conditions for obtaining them the gambling house establishes by the Personal Data Law.

You also have every right to ask the operator to clarify or change the information if you find an error. If your data is incomplete or inaccurate, you can easily change it.

Restricted Areas

Some jurisdictions do not recognize gambling as a legal activity. Our client takes full responsibility for knowing the laws of his country and is ready to assert that the use of our site in his region is legal. We are not responsible for the laws of your country and the possibility of their violation on your part. That is why you need to carefully study the law before visiting our site and make sure that you do not violate the law unintentionally. That will help you avoid difficulties with the regional law you live in.

If our site still works properly in your region despite the prohibition of jurisdiction, then that is not a call on our part to use the services of our gambling hub.

Denial of responsibility

The responsibility for using our gambling hub data lies entirely with our customers. It would be best to ensure that the information, services, and products you can use on the site fully meet your desires and requirements. We are not responsible for the final result, which may not meet your expectations.

Our casino cannot claim damages or other forms of compensation for any damages or conflicts between the client and a third party, even if you use their services by clicking on the appropriate link.

We do our best to keep our site up and always running. However, our site is not responsible in cases where it is unavailable for technical reasons.

Changes in Conditions

The site reserves the right to make changes, update, and remove certain information from the terms. Therefore, our customers undertake to periodically check that section of our website for changes. If we make cardinal changes to the rules for using our site, we will notify you of that in the way available.

If you continue to use our site after changes, it will mean that you automatically accept all changes to our new rules and have nothing against them. If you do not agree with changes or updates to our terms of use, it would be better if you leave our site so as not to run into misunderstandings.