Welcome To GetSalesDone App

After months of development with over 50 test companies, we are happy to announce the GetSalesDone iPhone-app.

The reasoning behind the app is that after working in sales for many years we felt we wanted to make it easier to work on the go and to be informed. Salesforce.com is a great platform in that it is configurable, scalable, and ubiquitous – but on the other hand, it is a platform and not an app – it is designed for everyone and all usages and that really means no-one. The GetSalesDone-app is the opposite – we have taken a stance – we have made an ultra-fast, offline app for sales reps working with tasks.


We didn’t use Salesforce-tasks before, and the reason was that it was so much work to create it – and we felt that we spent time enough to update fields and stages. We have solved that by helping you to type by predicting. If you are adding a contact to a task – it probably is one of the contacts that are connected to the opportunity you have chosen. If you are assigning a task – most often it is to one of the colleagues you usually assign to. You get it.


And on an opportunity or contact, there is a good overview of the tasks done and upcoming. And the most common fields you need are reachable with a click.


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